How It Works

Workers from the military, trained electricians, and motivated job seekers outside of Custom Integration are invited to start a career as a home electronic systems technician apprentice.

Once hired, they enter the paid program with the goal of finishing extensive training, reaching milestones, earning credentials, and receiving wage advancements within four-months.

Completion of the program empowers previously unskilled workers to develop their skills, acquire basic knowledge and work towards their Home Electronic Systems Technician Level 1 status.

What You Can Expect

  • Follow experienced techs in-the-field
  • Become part of a team and company "family"
  • Work on active real-world projects
  • Interact with other trades people on the job site
  • Get hands-on training 
  • Gain experience with hand and power tools
  • Perform physical activities
  • Complete 35+ hours of online training
  • Perform, monitor and check-off skill development
  • Become a productive contributor to your company

Start your Journey!